Low Harrogate Club Membership












Club membership is a very reasonable £55 pa in 2022. Great value as you can play as often as you like with no additional green fees.
Please note that all potential new members will be offered free taster sessions (with no obligation) using our club crown green bowls, and with the guidance of our Taster Co-ordinators Peter Syson. We just ask you to wear flat shoes or trainers to protect our crown green, please.
Thereafter, if you have joined us as a club member, we will provide you with free coaching sessions to help you improve your game, and we will allow you to use our club crown green bowls during your first season. Of course, you may wish to purchase your own bowls immediately, but we would advise you to try different weights first.
Please refer to Contact Us if you would like to book a taster session or you would like further information. 
By the way, we have around 70 members currently signed up. If you have a competitive nature, please refer to Competitions to see the extent to which you could compete in our league teams and/or in our Low Harrogate club competitions. There are plenty of opportunities!
Our season starts in March and will end during October depending on the weather and as decided by your Committee.
Members may bring a visitor at a very reasonable fee of £3 per visit.
Occasionally, we permit a group of visitors to play on our green. The group organiser should contact Peter Hicks, our Treasurer, on 01423 870409 for prices to arrange a convenient date to play, please. Individual visitors may play with a club member, but each visitor is expected to pay the £3 Visitor Fee. 
Dress Code
We would like to encourage our club members to purchase and wear a Low Harrogate club polo shirt and/or sweater, when representing one of our league teams. We would like to promote a smart image and our club colours, but it is not mandatory.  All club members, and all visitors who wish to play, must wear flat shoes or trainers to protect our crown green at all times, please.
Please note that players are not allowed to wear flip flops or open toe shoes.