League Competitions

2021 Titles

Harrogate League

A shortened League started up on 21st June and divisions were altered with 5 teams in each division. 

1st Team - Finished 2nd in Div 1 Section B. With Peter Syson winning all his 8 games and David Spilsbury winning 6 games.

B Team - Finished 4th in Div 2 section A.  With Mike Callister winning 4 games.

C Team - Finished 2nd in Div3 section A.  Will Blue with 5 victories and Pauline Parker, Brian Rayner and Mary Doveston each winning 4 games.

D Team - unfortunately came bottom of the division.


Harrogate Vets League

Again, a shortened league starting on 25th June. 

1st Team –won the First Division title.  Congratulations to the team and well-done Ian Jarratt winning all 9 of his games with an average of 13.11.

B Team – finished 2nd in Division 2, beaten for 1st place only by aggregate after finishing level on points with the winner.  This was a tremendous effort and the team were so unlucky not to win the Title.  Well done Pauline Parker unbeaten in all her 7 games with an average of 11.71.

C Team - finished 9th in Division 2, but very well-done David Hughan winning 8 games out of 9.

D Team - had a good season finishing 5th in Division 3.


Harrogate Vets KO Comp

This year this was played at Low Harrogate and it was good to see quite a few Low Harrogate entries with a couple of excellent performances.

Peter Hicks reaching the quarter final and Marian Frayne losing in the semi-final - well done to both for getting so far.

We must also congratulate the D team who travelled to Collingham to play Boston Spa B in the divisional final and won the cup.  A tremendous result and it was very heartening to see the level of support for the team that day.


Tadcaster League

The league was the first to start on 29 April.

1st Team - Finished 2nd in the 1st Division which was an excellent performance.  Ian Jarratt winning 16 out of 20
Games, Mick Steel 13 out of 18 and Graham Patrick 11 out of 18 were the top performers.

2nd Team - Finished a very creditable 5th out of 12 in Div 3.  Derek and Ann Wilson, Marion Frayne and David Hughan all recorded double figure victories.


AireDale & Wharfedale (Saturday League)

(This was not reported at the AGM)

The team played in the 2nd Division finishing 4th out of 8 teams.

Congratulations to Ian Jarratt who finished 5th in the averages winning 11 out of 13 and Peter Syson 10th winning11 out of 14.



2020 Titles

Competitive bowling did not take place during 2020 due to the restrictions imposed by Covid19 

2019 Titles

Harrogate Evening League

1st Team – Finished 8th out of 12.  A little disappointing for the team after a good season last year. Congratulations to Mick Steel with 14 wins and Peter Syson with 12.


B Team – Finished 2nd in the league which was a really tremendous result. Congratulations to the team especially Dave Moon with 14 victories finishing 5th in the averages, Nigel Swainston with 13 and Robin Addis and Alan Winstanley with 12 victories.

C Team – Finished 2nd in Division 3 which like the B team was a big improvement on last season where they came 6th. Top performer was Will Blue with 15 victories from 17 games finishing 6th in the averages. Ken Iveson with 13 victories, Audrey Sneddon with 12 and Peter Hicks with 11. Congratulations to the team.

At present we are assuming that neither the B or C team will gain promotion.

D Team – Finished 6th in Division 3. A good performance by the team. Brian Rayner with 11 victories and Sarah Ravillious with 10 victories were the top performers.                                                                   

The team reached the semi-final of the Shutt Cup (Div 3 Cup)


E Team – Finished top of the table in Division 4 gaining promotion. The team have bounced straight back to Div 3 after being relegated last season. Congratulations to the team. Top performers were David Davies who finished 3rd in the league averages, Jo Bonsels, Malcolm Davies and Grace Hartley.

The E team also lost in the final of the England Cup.


It was satisfying to see almost all of the Low Harrogate teams improving their positions from last year. The B, C & E team results were big improvements and shows the up and coming talent the club has. Well done everyone.


Veterans League.

A Team – Finished 3rd in the Division, the same position as last year. After winning the league & cup 2 years ago and with the strength of the team, it won’t be long before we go back to the top. Top performers were Mick Steel who finished 6th in the averages, Peter Syson and David Spilsbury.


B Team – Won the Division 2 title to reach the first division for the 2nd time in 3 years. A great achievement by the team – well done. Congratulations to the top performers Kevin Clapham 13/15 victories & 3rd in the averages and Mike Adams with 18/19 victories 3rd in the averages.

A v B team matches could be worth watching next season!!!


C Team – came 7th in Division 2 which was a good effort. Top performer was Peter Hicks with 15/18 games.


D Team – came 7th in Division 3. A good result for the team after a slow start to the season.


Tadcaster League

1st team - Finished bottom of the 1st division as they did in 2017, once again demonstrating the gulf between the 1st and 2nd divisions. Let’s hope that that the team is able to gain promotion back to the first division next season.


2nd Team – Finished in 5th position out of 10 teams in the 3rd division which was an excellent effort.

It would be great if the team could push on next year and win promotion to the 2nd division for the first time. Well done to the top performers who were Kevin Clapham & Nigel Swainston, both with 12 victories.


Individual Performances

Congratulations to Dave Small who won the 3rd & 4th Division Merit at his first attempt. Very well-done, Dave.

Also, in the same competition were Peter Hicks reaching the semi-final and Liz Thornton the quarter finals.

Dave Small also reached the quarter finals of the Tommy Cochrane Trophy.

Peter Syson played for the Federation.


                                                      Vets D Team Divisional Cup Winners  2018
2018 Titles
Harrogate Evening League

The 1st team finished in their best ever position in Division 1, 4th place.  An excellent performance from the team finishing behind the usual top 3 Wayside, Black Swan and Biton Working Mens Club. 

Peter Syson and Ian Jarratt with 14 victories and David Spilsbury with 13 were the top performers.


In Division 2 the 2nd team came a very creditable 5th out of 12 which was one place higher than last season.  Congratulations to them.  Mike Callister with 13 wins and Alan Winstanley and Ivan Ravillious with 11 were the top men. 


The C team came 6th out of 12 in Division 3 a definite improvement from 8th in 2017, so well done to them.  Audrey Sneddon and Ken Iveson taking the plaudits with 14 victories each and Bernard Poulter 10.  Both Audrey and Ken finished in the top 10 of the divisional averages.


The D team came 8th in Division 3 consolidating after promotion last season.  Linda Winstanley with 10 wins from 16 games and Liz Thornton 9 from 11 games were the top performers.  The D team also reached the semi finals of the Shutt Cup.


The E team came 11th out of 12 in Division 3, meaning relegation back to Division 4 after just one season in Division 3.  Lets hope promotion again next season.

Harrogate Veterans League

The Club didn't quite reach the heights of last season but had a solid season.  The first team came 3rd out of 12 in Division 1 not far behind the winners Wayside.  A 8 - 2 home defeat mid season in horrible watery conditions, many people think cost them the league title,  Mick Steele 15 victories from 22 games Peter Syson 14 from 21, Alan Winstanley 13 from 21, Steve Johnson 12 from 19 and David Spilsbury 13 matches played and all won, were the star performers.  Peter Syson came 8th in the divisional averages.  The team also reached the semi-final of the divisional vets cup.


The 2nd team came 11th out of 12 in Division 1 and were relegated back to Division 2 by a narrow 2 points after last year's promotion.  The team put up some great performances and were desperately unlucky to go down.  Notable performances were beating Black Swan A and Dragon A 8 - 2 and taking 6 points from the 1st team.  Well done Derek Wilson with 11 victories.


The 3rd team came 7th out of 11 in Division 2 which was a satisfactory performance after promotion in 2017.  Well done to Peter Hicks winning 10 games out of 15.


The 4th team came 3rd out of 10 in Division 3, narrowly missing out on promotion - a great effort by the team after finishing 5th last season.  Jack Greenwood, Lynda Winstanley and Jo Bonsels all had 8 victories and Liz Thornton winning all her 7 games - well done to all.  Many congratulations are also due to the team for winning the Divisional Vets Cup, beating Dacre C at Boston Spa - a great achievement for the team, very well done.


Tadcaster League 

The lst team had a great season, winning the 2nd Division by 10 points and being promoted back to Division 1.  Well done to the team and lets hope they can consolidate in the Division after last season's relegation, there one and only season in Division 1.  Top performers were Ian Jarratt and Mick Steele with 14 victories, Peter Syson 12 and David and Angela Spilsbury 10.  Ian Jarratt came 4th in the divisional averages and Mick Steele 8th, well done to them.


 The 2nd team after last season's promotion did very well finishing 4th out of 9.  Well done to the team in its first ever year in that division, especially Mike Adams and Kevin Clapham who both won 10 games out of 14 and both finished in the top 10 divisional averages.




                       Vets A Team Div 1 & Div 1 Cup Winners 2016 and 2017
2017 Titles
The improving playing strength of Low Harrogate resulted in numerous creditable performances in 2017 as follows:-
Our Harrogate Vets A team won both the Vets Division 1 championship and Vets Division 1 Cup for the second season in succession. A 'double-double' and a great achievement!
Our Harrogate Vets B team won promotion from division 2 to division 1.
Our Harrogate Vets C team won the Division 3 championship so will play in division 2 next year. 
Our Harrogate Evening D team won the Division 4 championship, and our E team
was also promoted from Division 4 to 3. An excellent achievement for our newly-formed E team comprising many new members. 
David and Angela Spilsbury won the Thorners Vets Pairs competition.
David Spilsbury and Peter Syson represented North Yorkshire in the National Federation League. 
Top 10 bowlers in 2017 based on averages in Bowlsnet:
It once again feels good to celebrate the success of so many individual Low Harrogate bowlers this season, and please note that there were several players who would have made it too with a few more games:-
HABA Evening League division 2, LH B: Alan Winstanley 9th
HABA Evening League division 4, : Liz Thornton LH E 1st, Robin Addis LH E 5th, David Davies LH D 8th, Lynda Winstanley LH D 9th and David Hughan LH D 12th
HABA Vets division 1, LH A: Peter Syson 3rd
HABA Vets division 2, LH B: Mike Adams 5th
HABA Vets division 3, LH C: Norman Parker 5th, David Hughan 9th
2016 Titles
Highlights of our excellent bowling season in 2016 included 4 titles and 2 promotions, as follows:-
HABA Vets Division 1: LH A Champions!
HABA Vets Division 1 Cup: LH A Winners!
HABA Vets Pairs Cup: LH A Runners-Up
Tadcaster League Division 2: LH A Champions! Promoted to division 1 next season.
HABA Evening League Division 3: LH B Runners-Up and promoted to division 2.
HABA Evening League Division 4: LH C Runners-Up and promoted to division 3.
HABA England Cup: LH C Winners of Division 4 Cup!
Commiserations to the Vets C team, LH D team and Taddy B team who all came a very close 3rd in their respective divisions, and just missed out on promotion. Our LH A Evening League team also did well to come 6th in division 1 following promotion last year. All of these are very creditable performances.
So it has been a great effort by all our teams, and an excellent overall performance by our club in 2016. Many congratulations to all captains, and players, who have made this such a memorable bowling season. Well played and well done Low Harrogate!
Top 10 bowlers in 2016 based on averages in Bowlsnet:
It feels good to celebrate the success of so many individual Low Harrogate bowlers this season, and please note that there were several players who would have made it too with a few more games:-
HABA Evening League division 1, LH A: David Spilsbury 2nd
HABA Evening League division 3, LH B: Peter Nye 3rd, David Sunderland 4th and Nigel Swainson 5th
HABA Evening League division 4: Ken Iveson LH C 2nd, David Davies LH D 3rd, Ray Pullan LH D 7th and Colin Wright LH C 10th.
HABA Vets division 1, LH A: Peter Syson 5th
HABA Vets division 3, LH C: Norman Parker 5th
Tadcaster division 2: David Spilsbury 3rd and Chris Olding 5th
Tadcaster division 4: David Sunderland 9th and Peter Nye 10th 
Phew! What an impressively long list this season. 
In addition, a special mention is also required for:-
Mick Steel and Peter Syson winning the Open Nidall Pairs in September 2016.
Angela and David Spilsbury winning the Open Thorner Pairs in August 2016.
We strongly recommend all Low Harrogate club members to access the excellent crown green bowls website used by all our leagues, namely bowlsnet.org.uk It contains all the information about your league teams that you could ever wish to know including all team fixtures; tables for each division; all team results; individual results; and individual averages for every team in every division. 'It's the future!' (Peter Kay - comedian referring to cheesecake.) The league games are based on 8 single players competing for their team with no handicaps. One team point is awarded for each singles win, and two more team points are awarded for the overall aggregate. Find out more by reading the League Rules on the same website.