Low Harrogate Committee Members 2021 & Helpers

Club President

Vice President

Club Captain


General Secretary

Social Bowling & Catering Co-ordinator
Building Maintenance

Ian Jarratt

David Hughan

David Moon

Peter Hicks

Jo Bonsels

Pauline Parker

Alan Winstanley

Peter Syson

David Moon
Norman Parker
Alan Winstanley
Our ongoing Trustees are  Norman Parker and David Moon they have an open invitation to attend any committee meeting.

Please note that your committee openly invites all club members to get actively involved in the smooth running of our club. With this in mind, we would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution from the following club members:

Green Maintenance: Steve Johnson (Head Greenkeeper), Ivan Ravilious,  Mick Steel, Peter Syson,  Derek Wilson,                                          

Grounds Maintenance: Mick Steel, Ivan Ravilious,  Derek & Anne Wilson


Club Housekeeping: Sarah Ravilious, Lynda Winstanley, Margaret Brockhill,  Pauline Parker, Cath patrick.


Building Maintenance: Ivan Ravilious, Alan Winstanley, Peter Syson, Norman Parker


Competition Secretary: David Spilsbury supported by Jo Bonsels

New Members Co-ordinator: Marion Frayne


Social Bowling Co-ordinators: Pauline Parker, Ann Wilson


Ladder Organiser: Peter Syson


Club Photographer: Ivan Ravilious


Hosting Events: Ann Wilson  will require many members to assist in the hosting of events, such as Division Cups held on neutral greens. Please contact Ann directly if you would like to help your club.


We are very proud of the above list of active club members showing that there is plenty of goodwill in our club. We couldn't run our club without you, so a very sincere 'Well done!' to everyone involved. Of course, we mustn't forget additional members, too numerous to mention individually, who:

- play for one or more of our teams and represent our club

- donate prizes for our raffles and buy raffle tickets, helping club funds

- buy our lottery tickets, helping club funds.

-subscribe to the Harrogate Lotto again helping club funds.