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                                                   Finalists of the Foursomes  2019

We would like to encourage as many club members as possible to enter our Low Harrogate club competitions, as they provide excellent opportunities to play against club players of all abilities using a handicap system in many of them. They are sociable, enjoyable days too.


We are very grateful for all the fine work that David Spilsbury, our Club Competition Secretary, has put into organising these competitions for many years.

2021Club Competion winners were:-                                    

Harold Bell Trophy - Peter Hicks

The Burwell Cup - Ian Jarratt

The Lloyd Holden Trophy - Derek Wilson

The Wilf Shaw Trophy - Derek Wilson and Marion Frayne

The Wilf Shaw Plate - Peter Rawcliffe and Graham Patrick

The Autumn Pairs -. Linda Winstanley and Graham Patrick

The Robinson Rose - Ian Jarratt 

The Vets Trophy - Peter Syson

The Ladies Trophy- Marion Frayne


2020 Club Competion winners were:-

                        Harold Bell - David Spilsbury

                        Burwell Cup -Peter Syson

                        Lloyd Holden Trophy  - Peter Syson

                        Wilf Shaw = cancelled due to Covid restrictions

                        October Pairs - cancelled due to Covid restrictions

                        Veterans Cup - Peter Syson

                        Robinson Rose Bowl - David Spilsbury

                        Ladies Trophy - Audrey Sneddon

2019 Club Competion winners were:-

                                Harold Bell Trophy – Peter Hicks

                                Burwell Cup – Alan Winstanley

                                Foursomes – Mike Adams & Robert Simmons

                                Lloyd Holden Trophy – Peter Hicks

                                Wilf Shaw - Mary Doveston & Peter Hicks

                                October Pairs – cancelled

                                Veterans Cup – Angela Spilsbury

                                Robinson Rose Bowl – David Small

                                Ladies Trophy – Audrey Sneddon

2018 Club Competion winners were:-

 H                                   Harold Bell Trophy - Peter Syson 

                            Burwell Cup - Alan Winstanley 

                            The Foursomes Comp - Peter Hicks and Pauline Parker

                            The Lloyd Holden Trophy - Peter Hicks

                            The Wilf Shaw Pairs - David Small and Robin Addis

                            The October Pairs - Angela Spilsbury and David Hughan

                            The Robinson Rose Bowl - David Spilsbury

                            The Vets Trophy - David Spilsbury

2017 club competition winners were:-

Wilf Shaw: Ken Iveson and Robbin Addis

Harold Bell: Mike Adams

Burwell Cup: Peter Syson

Foursomes: Derek Wilson and Peter Hicks

Lloyd Holden: Angela Spilsbury

October Pairs: David Spilsbury and David Davies

Robinson Rose Bowl: David Spilsbury

Vets Trophy: David Spilsbury

Ladies Singles: Audrey Sneddon

Take a trip down memory lane and see numerous photos of these competitions, and previous years, in our Gallery.

2016 club competition results.

Harold Bell                                  Sunday, 8th May 2016

Winner: Alan Winstanley          Runner-Up: Angela Spilsbury

Burwell Cup                                Sunday, 12th June 2016

Winner: Ann Wilson                   Runner-Up: Derek Wilson

Ladies Singles                             Sunday, 10th July 2016

Winner: Carol Hawkins             Runner-Up: Ann Wilson

Foursomes & BBQ                     Sunday, 7th August 2016

Winners: David Spilsbury and Malcolm Davies

Runners-Up: Nigel Swainson and Bob Simmonds

Vets Trophy                                 Saturday, 13th August 2016

Winner: David Spilsbury           Runner-up: Graham Patrick

Robinson Rose Bowl                  Saturday, 20th August 2016

Winner: Mick Steel                     Runner-up: Chris Olding

Lloyd Holden Trophy                 Sunday, 4th September 2016

Winner: Mike Adams                 Runner-up: Nigel Swainson

October Pairs                              Sunday 25th September

Winners: Robin Addis and Derek Wilson

Runners-Up: Jo Bonsels and Ivan Ravilious

2015 club competition results and see photos in gallery.


The October Pairs competition was played on Sunday, 27th September 2015. Notably, Derek Wilson and Anne Wilson were on opposite sides in the final! Pleasingly, it was their first trophy so well done to them, and it was a pity that someone had to lose. Are they still speaking to one another? They were ably partnered by Steve Johnson and Dave Moon who have both enjoyed successful seasons. Well done to all of them!


Winners:  Derek Wilson & Steve Johnson                  Runners-up: Anne Wilson & Dave Moon


The Robinson Rose Bowl is a singles competition played by veterans (60 and over) on a knockout basis over several rounds throughout the season.  The first nominated player organises the match in the draw at a mutually convenient date and time. On Friday, 11th September 2015 the semi-finals were played involving Norman Parker who lost to Peter Syson, and Chris Olding lost to David Spilsbury.  According to Peter, David bowled at his usual high level, and had a comfortable win over him in the final. Well played.to both!


Winner:   David Spilsbury                                            Runner-up:   Peter Syson


The Veterans Trophy is a singles handicap competition played by vets (60 and over) on a knockout basis with several rounds played throughout our season. The first nominated player organises the match in the draw at a mutually convenient date and time. In the semi-finals, Audrey Sneddon had a very good win over Mick Steel, and David Spilsbury beat Chris Olding. Although Audrey lost in the final, she won her first trophy in 2015. David showed his excellent form once again, and maintained his reputation as our best bowler in the club. Congratulations to you both.


Winner:   David Spilsbury                                       Runner-up:   Audrey Sneddon


The Lloyd Holden Trophy is a singles handicap competition and was played on Sunday, 6th September 2015 with 20 players competing in 5 divisions playing a minimum of 3 games. The unlucky winner of her division was Pauline Parker who did not qualify because the 4 best divisional winners on aggregate progressed to the semi-finals. These were Alan Winstanley who lost to Steve Johnson, and Ivan Ravillious who lost to Mike Callister.  It was a very closely contested final, and Mike narrowly won his first trophy. Nice one and well played!


Winner:   Mike Callister                                           Runner-up:   Steve Johnson


The Foursomes & BBQ pairs competition was played on Sunday, 9th August 2015 starting at 10.00am and everyone enjoyed the foursomes on a fast green, and barbecue on a lovely, sunny afternoon. The competition was very enjoyable, and Sarah Ravilious and Margaret Brockhill were beaten in the first semi-final by David Moon and Pauline Parker, and Nigel Swainson and Audrey Sneddon were beaten in the other semi-final by Steve Johnson and Mike Adams.  In the final, Steve and Mike progressed to 15-10, but a series of very good ends by both Pauline and Dave turned the match around for a narrow win. In particular, it was pleasing to see recent members Mike and Pauline winning their first trophies so 'Well done!' to them.


Winners:   Pauline Parker and David Moon           Runners-up:   Mike Adams and Steve Johnson


The Burwell Cup is a singles handicap competition and was played on Sunday, 7th June 2015 starting at 10.00am. It was a well supported but long day. The semi-finalists this time were Sarah Ravilious who lost to Peter Syson (a repeat of our Harold Bell semi), and Anne Wilson (one of our new members so a special well done to you, Anne) who lost to Alan WInstanley. Congratulations to all once again, and especially Peter Syson who won his long-awaited first winners trophy in the final. Nice one!


Winner:   Peter Syson                        Runner-up:   Alan Winstanley


The Harold Bell Trophy (a singles handicap competition) was played on Sunday, 17th May 2015 starting at 10.00 am. There were 16 players who were seeded into 4 divisions of 4 players. The divisions were very competitive and it was pleasing to see some new members playing too. The semi-finalists were Ivan Ravilious who lost to David Moon, and Sarah Ravilious who lost to Peter Syson. Congratulations to all who participated and especially to David Moon who won the final at the end of a long day's bowling. Well played!


Winner:   David Moon                        Runner-up:   Peter Syson