Low Harrogate Team Captains 2021











At the beginning of the season, you will be able to nominate which leagues you would like to play in, and this helps the team captains to discuss their overall approach. Each team captain will select their best team on a week by week basis, using a flexible policy. This policy is now based on a Captains Meeting held regularly and chaired by the Club Captain, Dave Moon. All captains and vice-captains are invited to attend. They will consider who is available to play in their teams during the next few weeks taking into account holidays that have been formally registered by our players on the Holiday Sheet in our clubhouse. We always try to be fair to all members, and minimise mistakes, but recognise that the situation can be fluid from week to week. Also, please note that 4 players are normally 'starred' in each team, and cannot play in a lower division as per the League Rules. However, this rule does not apply to teams in the lowest division. In essence, we are trying to play our strongest teams every week, and recognise that we need to develop our less experienced players too. 
Harrogate & District Evening League
'A' Captain - Peter Syson 
Vice-Captain - Ian Jarratt 
'B' Captain - Nigel Swainson 
Vice-Captain - Alan Winstanley 
'C' Captain - Audrey Sneddon 
Vice-Captain - David Hughan
'D' Captain - Jo Bonsels
Vice-Captain - 
Harrogate & District Veterans League
'A' Vets Captain -Peter Syson  
Vice-Captain - 
'B' Vets Captain - David Moon
Vice-Captain - 
'C' Vets Captain - Jo Bonsels
Vice-Captain - 
'D' Vet Captain - Lynda Winstanley 
Vice Captain - 
Tadcaster & District Evening League
'A' Taddy Captain -Ian Jarratt 
Vice-Captain -Chris Olding 
'B' Taddy Captain - Marion Frayne 
Vice-Captain - David Moon
Airedale & Wharfedale Saturday League
'A' Captain - John Gibbins
'B' Captain - David Hughan